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An adult male with light skin and short-styled brown hair is high-fiving a young boy with light skin and short brown hair while they both sit on a grey couch. The man is holding a computer on his lap.

The early childhood system evolves as fast as our children grow. From new legislation and programs to the best practices in health care, keep checking here for the latest news, insights and advice to help navigate your child’s early years.

A little girl with blonde hair pointing her finger into a book, preparing for first day of school.
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Moms and dads are every baby’s first teachers. Reading to your child every day not only sets them up for long-term success, but also creates a strong, lasting bond.

Smiley and happy Girl With Down Syndrome wearing bright yellow shirt.
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Finding appropriate child care for a child with special health care needs can be a challenging and overwhelming task. This article offers a guide to help parents navigate this complex process.

Two small children sitting next to each other while reading children's books in a child's playhouse.
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Funding plays a major role in ensuring that young children and families have access to the programs and services that they need. See the five key findings from a new interactive tool.

Smiling Baby Playing With Toy while sitting on the comfy carpet floor.
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First 5 Nevada is proud to announce our monthly newsletter is now available in Spanish! Sign up here to receive a short, but helpful email each month full of resources for parents and families, program spotlights and announcements.

Toddler blonde girl wearing jean overalls, bites into a juicy watermelon with a big smile on her face.
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Six quick and easy snack ideas for summer that are designed to engage your young child and provide ways to support brain development.

Young child drinks water out of small glass cup while standing outside with a bright green tree backdrop.
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Young children are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. This article serves as a guide to help keep your young children safe during these hot summer months!

Young boy with brown shaggy hair and a red polo shirt stares out into the night sky with multiple color fireworks going off.
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The 4th of July is a fun holiday filled with fun, however safety is key. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for all kids, including those with autism and special needs.

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Healthy eating is important for children’s growth and development. Learn more about MyPlate, including tools and resources available to help you and your family eat healthy.

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July is well-known for celebrating the independence of our great nation but did you know that in 1994, Congress unanimously passed “The Parents’ Day Resolution?” You can nominate an amazon parent before July 12!

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