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The early childhood system evolves as fast as our children grow. From new legislation and programs to the best practices in health care, keep checking here for the latest news, insights and advice to help navigate your child’s early years.

Two small children sitting next to each other while reading children's books in a child's playhouse.
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Funding plays a major role in ensuring that young children and families have access to the programs and services that they need. See the five key findings from a new interactive tool.

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Voters not only understand the connection between child care and a strong economy, but they also want to elect candidates that will have a plan to help working parents afford high-quality care.

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Great gains can be had by investing in the early and equal development of children to address solutions to the biggest problems facing America.

A group of adults all wearing matching tshirts pose for a photo at a Nevada Early Childhood Family Leadership Council event.
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The Nevada Early Childhood Family Leadership Council program was established in 2022 to ensure that families with young children in Nevada play an active role in the state's early childhood system.

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The First 5 Nevada Early Childhood Programs Eligibility Portal is a tool to help parents and families identify what programs and services they may qualify for - in just 5 minutes!

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How did our children and families fare in 2023? In Nevada, our legislators meet once every two years to make critical decisions on funding, programs, and other policies that impact children and families. Read more about key pieces of legislation, some that passed and others that failed, impacting Nevada’s early childhood population.

A logo for the Nevada Early Childhood Advisory Council.
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The overall purpose of the Nevada ECAC is to strengthen state-level coordination and collaboration among the various sectors and settings of early childhood programs. The Nevada ECAC focuses on improving the system to increase access to the programs and services young children and families need.

A banner advertising Children's Week at the Nevada Legislation.
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To understand how programs and services come into existence and are funded, it is important to learn about the Nevada legislative process. Although rules and policies that impact early childhood are made at the local, state and federal levels, many of the key decisions about Nevada’s early childhood programs and services happen at the Nevada Legislature.

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In Nevada, there are hundreds of programs and services to support you and your child. But finding them, determining if you are eligible and applying can be difficult. First 5 Nevada puts them all in one place so families can find the services they need, when they need them!

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