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About the Nevada Early Childhood Family Leadership Council

A group of adults all wearing matching tshirts pose for a photo at a Nevada Early Childhood Family Leadership Council event.

The Nevada Early Childhood Family Leadership Council (NECFLC) program was established in 2022 to ensure that families with young children in Nevada play an active role in the state's early childhood system. The program aims to facilitate the engagement of families by identifying existing gaps in family engagement and providing opportunities to bridge these gaps. 

There are two Family Leadership Coordinators in Nevada, Ashley Dines in Southern Nevada and Rosa Tamayo in Northern Nevada. These coordinators work together to provide family leaders with the training and resources they need to participate in various early childhood leadership opportunities such as the Nevada Early Childhood Advisory Council, First 5 Nevada, Family Engagement Framework Advisory Committee Project and much more. 

By involving family leaders in these initiatives, they can contribute to Nevada's early childhood state infrastructure and have a positive impact on families with young children. As Ashley stated, "Our parents are paving the way for future family leaders to make a real impact on Nevada's early childhood system." 

The parent coordinators have set up a program for family leaders that allows them to attend hybrid meetings either in person or online. The Northern Nevada Family Council is also available in both English and Spanish simultaneously, and the Southern Nevada Council is currently strategizing to follow the same interpretation opportunities. 


The program offers the flexibility to join either online or in person, provides childcare, and a stipend for attending and participating. These are excellent examples of how the program ensures working families can participate. Rosa highlighted, "including interpretation and translation services allows parents and caregivers that normally do not have the opportunity and access to be part of the process, feel included, and have their voice heard.” 


In early May, the NV Early Childhood Family Leadership Council held its first Facebook Live session with one of the Family Leaders, Arielle. She discussed the vital role of family leadership in shaping Nevada's early childhood system. During the conversation, they highlighted the importance of coordination, connection, support, and empowerment. She has been with the program for almost two years. 

During the conversation, they stressed the importance of coordination, connection, support and empowerment. Arielle has been with the program for almost two years. She talked about how she became a member of the NECFLC and got involved through Acelero Learning Head Start. She explained what sparked her interest in becoming a parent advocate. 

The NECFLC council would also like to note that the council members in Northern Nevada have participated in events organized by The Children's Cabinet that support early childhood advocacy, such as Children's Week and the Nevada Early Childhood Advisory Council's Leadership subcommittee meeting, as well as, other NECFLC outreach activities.

Learn more about Arielle and NECFLC

About the NECFLC & How to Join

The Nevada Early Childhood Family Leadership Council (NECFLC) is funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS): Health Integration Prenatal-to-Three Program and supporting funds from Nevada's Division of Welfare and Supportive Services.

Currently, NECFLC is seeking new family leaders (parents) interested in participating in decision-making to improve programs and services for families and young children. If you are interested in joining the council, you can apply at Nevada Family Leadership Council - Parent Leadership and Engagement - Children's Cabinet (

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